Letter to Hannibal Hamlin from his Father in Law, Stephen Emery, upon Hamlin’s Election as Vice President


We can thank Paris Hill resident Tony Kleitz for this wonderful piece of history he discovered at the Maine State Archives in Augusta.  It is a copy of the letter Hannibal Hamlin’s father in law, Stephen Emery, wrote to him upon his election in 1860 as Abraham Lincoln’s first Vice President.  It reads as follows:

“Auburn, Nov. 7, 1860

Dear Son;

Language is almost powerless to express my joy at the result of yesterday’s labor, and I should do violence to my feelings, were I to neglect to express that joy to you, altho’ you will be nearly overwhelmed with congratulatory letters.  My better way perhaps would be to rejoice in silence, but the very “stones” should be permitted “to cry out” in shouts of exultation. O, how glorious the triumph!

“The powers of Hell are captive led, dragged from the portals of the sky.”

My faith in human nature, which years of rascality & barefaced corruption had gradually but steadily impaired, is renewed again and hope our country & the right return with beaming eye and elevated crest.  May the victory now won be used wisely & well, and become as memorable for lasting good, as it is gratifying to the feelings.

Please say to Dear Ellie, I rec’d her letter yesterday.  I thank her very much for it.  May Heaven guide, and keep, and bless you all.

Your affec. father

Stephen Emery

Hope I shall see you before many weeks. Burlingame, who has vindicated the honor of Massachusetts, and promoted her interest, with singular ability & fidelity, is sacrificed by a cold, heartless, corrupt aristocracy.  Shame, shame, on such base ingratitude!”

Would you like to know more about the presidential election of 1860?  If so, come on out to our program, “Hannibal Hamlin, the 1860 Presidential Campaign, and its Impact on Paris, Maine” tomorrow night, August 9th, at 7 PM at the First Baptist Church of Paris here on Paris Hill.  Hope to see you then!

The Birth of Modern Baseball Presentation, July 27th – A Good Time Had by All!

Last Wednesday we had the good fortune to have Paris Hill resident and accomplished sports expert Bob Moorehead give a presentation on the birth of modern baseball and the 1919 World Series scandal.  John Brooks also presented his extensive memorabilia and replica baseball jersey collection, along with a very informative talk.   It was a wonderful time, well attended, and I think we all learned a lot about America’s favorite pastime.

The evening started with a gathering at our host’s, the First Baptist Church of Paris.  Reverend Mary Beth Caffey greeted the attendees and gave a blessing for the food.


This was followed by a meal of what else?  Hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jack!  Special thanks to Tony Rice for grilling the dogs.


Following the meal, John Brooks gave a very interesting presentation in the church hall about his collection of baseball jerseys and the history they represent.


For a slideshow view of the exhibit see below:

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After John’s presentation it was time to go upstairs to the historic sanctuary and hear Bob Moorehead’s talk.  He was introduced by our president, Nancy Schlanser, and thanked by her at the conclusion of the program.  Bob’s in depth explanation of the 1919 World Series scandal demonstrated a rare depth of knowledge and understanding of the sport, its history, and…given the elements at play in the betting and “fixing” scandal…human nature itself.


We would like to thank everyone involved who made this program such a success, from our presenters to our hosts to everyone who attended.  Special thanks to Carol Rice for leading us in song for “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” not once, but twice!

Did you miss this program but wish you hadn’t?  We will have another history talk on August 9th.  The topic is “Hannibal Hamlin, the Campaign of 1860, and its impact on Paris Hill.”  For more information, please click HERE.  It will also be  held at the First Baptist Church of Paris at 7 PM.  Come out and see us, and follow our Facebook page to keep up to date on everything we’re doing AND to play our on line Paris Hill History Hunt game. As always, we are open at the Paris Hill Historical Society building on Tremont Street every Wednesday this summer from 1 PM to 4 PM with our 2016 exhibit, “The Games People Play.”

Hope to see you soon!

Our attendees leaving our beautiful venue, last Wednesday evening.